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Dr. Christian Harun Maye
Academic associate / lecturer
Christian Harun Maye
Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät
Departement Künste, Medien, Philosophie
Fachbereich Medienwissenschaft

Academic associate / lecturer

Seminar für Medienwissenschaft
Holbeinstr. 12
4051 Basel

Series "Theory and History of Cultural Techniques", edited by Bernhard Siegert and Harun Maye, published by Rombach Wissenschaft (Freiburg i. Br.).

Kulturtechnikforschung explicitly opposes the ontology of philosophical concepts. There is no human being independent of cultural techniques of hominization, there is no time independent of cultural techniques of time measurement, there is no space independent of cultural techniques of space development, etc.From the point of view of cultural techniques research, media and cultural studies are not concerned with artists, ideas or the grand semantics of high culture, but with the many medial operations from which concepts such as image, writing and number, but also "man" and "history" have emerged in the first place. In the series "Theory and History of Cultural Techniques" monographs and conference proceedings on techniques of media use are published. Studies on "elementary cultural techniques" (reading, writing, arithmetic, image making) are complemented by works on the techniques of the body, archiving, time management, navigation, animal and plant domestication, and more.