17 Apr 2021

Colloquium: Images, Maps, Spaces – Cultural Techniques of the Visual

Das JHU-Kolloquium vom 17.04. umfasst Beiträge von Ute Holl, Annina Klappert, Jörg Dünne und Birgit Schneider zu Kulturtechniken des Visuellen.

Cultural Techniques


10AM EDT/16 Uhr MESZ introduction 
Antje Pfannkuchen (Dickinson College/JHU) 


10:15-11:15 EDT/16:15 Uhr MESZ
Birgit Schneider (Potsdam, Media Studies)  

“Lines as travel paths of knowledge. Humboldt’s climate map as the origin of a proto-ecology”

with response from Anand Pandian (JHU, Anthropology) 


11:15-12:15 EDT/17:15 Uhr MESZ 
Jörg Dünne (HU Berlin, Romance Languages and Literatures)  

“Map Line Narratives”  

with response from Wilda Anderson (JHU, MLL) 




1:00PM-2:00PM EDT/19 Uhr MESZ  

Annina Klappert (Erfurt/Berlin and Kade visiting professor at JHU)  

“Boxes of art and literature: The Ergodic as a Cultural Technique of Reading”  

with response from Kyle Stine (JHU, Film and Media Studies) 


2:00PM-3:00PM EDT/20 Uhr MESZ 

Ute Holl (Basel, Media Studies)  

“Videoconferencing: Cultural Techniques of the Grid and the (In)Visibility of Infrastructure”  

with response from Bernadette Wegenstein (JHU, CAMS) 


3PM final discussion 


For Zoom link, please contact pfannkuchen@jhu.edu. 

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